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    TestEts Career Center offers Career Tests that Work such as
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    Career Test from TestEts Turns your Talents into Triumph.

    Discover your Strong career interersts , discern your Myers Briggs® test personality type, detect your innate Highlands abilities and drives, determine FIRO leadership behavior. We divulge career advice through consults and develop your assets through coaching.

    Our Career Center is open 24/7. Uses ONLY reputable career test publishers. Career Test reports available immediately. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
    MBTI - Career Test
  • Career Tests Testimonial - Male Perspective

    My initial experience was to do a personality test to see where I want to be in my career path and what degree would best help me succeed in the business world.

    The [Myers Briggs®] test reinforced the idea of finance and that a degree in that field would be my best course of action. The career test set helped me to better understand myself and realize why I do some of the things that I do. It encouraged me, and kept me going .

    Robert F., Investment Specialist, Telecommunication Company recommends TestEts Career Center

  • Career Tests Testimonial - Femail Perspective

    The interest test [Strong Interest Inventory®], the personality test [Myers Briggs® Test ] and the Highlands Ability Test all indicated one area where I would flourish: writing. . . .[and] each test confirmed and clarified [that] direction. . .

    Looking at . . . [career test ]combinations, [the career counselor] further defined my strengths. “Your profile indicates you should consider writing that communicates a message for an organization, or teaches others about it,” she told me. [And that’s what she did.]

    Debbie M., Re-entry to Job Market, Fully Employed Writer recommends TestEts Career Center

  • Career Tests Testimonial - Student Perspective

    From all of the career tests [like Myers Briggs® Test, Strong Test, Highlands Test] I learned to appreciate my strangeness and uniqueness... Now I can see the sense and value to the way of thinking that I naturally have.

    Make sure you have [a Career Counselor] to set it all in order for you!

    [The Career Counselor] makes the information more interesting and fun. The Career Test grouping[Myers Briggs® Test, Strong Interest Inventory®, Highlands Ability Test] is good, but deluge you with a flood of information. She is personal, friendly, and really opens up the meaning of the career tests for your complete understanding. I . . . highly recommend utilizing career counsults.

    Paige P., High School Senior recommends TestEts Career Center

  • Career Tests Testimonial - Leader Perspective

    The Highlands Ability and Myers-Briggs® Test in combination have been most useful in the growth and development of my career [into leadership] and myself as an individual.

    Career development and leadership training can be very subjective, which I find unsettling and ultimately not effective. But . . .

    The career test group (THAB, Myers Briggs® Test, SII) provided the basis and facts... to begin my Career and Leadership Development[with Coaching Services].

    Brian C., Vice President, National Food Chain Company (progressive career from IC to VP within 10 Years) recommends TestEts Career Center

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