Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to decide on the right assessment for me?
Career Answers: We have worked hard to make it as easy as possible to decide on the right assessment for you. Assessments are listed by Type, Brand, and Purpose. And, we are currently working on a FREE Career Sorter Quiz to make the decision process easier yet.
The best way to decide which assessment to take is to (1) consider your PURPOSE or reason for taking a career assessment test – career, leadership, work performance or some other purpose; (2) consider the TYPE of career assessment test you think will help you most – knowing the work you’d like the most, how you are naturally oriented (style) to work, knowing your abilities and aptitudes and so; (3) consider the COMBINATIONS that meet your purpose and type most completely; (4) consider your price points or QUALITY you are willing to spend for (remember you do get what you pay for; and these assessments are an INVESTMENT on your future) (5) lastly look at each of SAMPLE reports to see which best addresses your needs. Please contact us if you are still unsure which report option would be best for you!
Are there right and wrong answers?
Career Answers:There are no right or wrong answers for any of the Assessments. The answers you provide help to assess your own personal tendencies and preferences in a given situation. By understanding your preferences better, you gain greater understanding into how you will respond most comfortably to a certain task or situation.

However, you can skew the career assessment tests and receive invalid career summary results if you do not provide your first impression, gut answer or if you do not work quickly. Therefore, to get the RIGHT answer for you, you must work QUICKLY and select FIRST answer or AUTOMATIC response.
Career Answers:How old should you be to take the TestETs Assessments?
Career Answers:Both the TestETs instruments are intended to be used for those who are 14 years or older. The MBTI® is written at the 7th grade level, the Strong or SII assessment is written at a 9th grade level, and the THAB is written at.
Career Answers:How will I get my career summary results report?
Career Answers:This depends on which career assessment test that you take.
For MBTI® , SII, and FIRO-B® : After you have completed the assessment, your customized report will be sent to you confidentially via email.
For THAB: After you have completed the assessment, you log back into the site and a copy of your report will there for you to view.
For OTHER: The method of delivery is specified in each assessment section. Most of the other career assessment tests are mailed to you. Please allow several days for the mail service to deliver the package of career assessment tests to your mailbox. Some are delivered electronically via email. And still others are accessed at the testing site itself.
How will I get my Add-Ons?
Career Answers:For ADD-ONS: The method of delivery is specified in each assessment section. Most of the products are mailed to you. Please allow several days for the mail service to deliver the package of career assessment tests to your mailbox. Some are delivered electronically via email.
What can an Add-On Product do for me?
Career Answers:The ADD-ONS provide either information on a given topic in a more detailed and extensive way or a system for reviewing the career summary results so you gain a deeper understanding of your career summary results. Most importantly, and imost cases, you are also provided with comparative information so that, should you doubt your report, you are able to determine a more accurate result or develop a fuller understanding of your career summary results. They are extremely valuable, and in comparison, cost very little.
What can the Add-On Service: career assessment test Consult do for me?
Career Answers:Every single person has a unique situation for which they seek to apply the career assessment test career summary results. And each person understands the wording used to explain the career assessment test career summary results from their own perspective. And furthermore, every person that I have worked with has questions relating to their career summary results. All three of these issues can only be addressed by speaking with a career assessment test Consultant.
The career assessment test Consultant will clarify the meanings of words so that you fully understand all of the undertones, nuances and alternate meanings of the words used in the report. He or she will answer all of your questions and address your doubts, and then, if you choose the Comprehensive option, also apply the career summary results to your unique situation and present viable paths for you to pursue in achieving your target goal.
What can the Add-On Service: Coaching do for me?
Career Answers:Every single person struggles to achieve their goals. That is reason coaching exists today. Coaches help individuals fast track their goals. They do this in several ways: |
1. By tapping into your natural abilities, style and values so you work WITH yourself, not against who you are;
2. By asking critical questions that challenge your automatic actions so you can find better ways to approach your situation and attack your goal;
3. By revealing hidden problems and pitfalls so that you can prevent or sidestep these hurdles; and
4. By linking you with resources, people, and processes that help you scale the mountain in leaps rather than steps.
Bottomline: If you don’t want to waste your time or wander in wrong directions, but rather want to get to your goal in the most direct way and quickly, select one of the Coaching options.
How are the Add-On Services Provided?
Career Answers:All services are provided via the phone or Skype. When you register for this service, you will receive instructions with a link to a calendar.
Who provides the Add-On Services?
Career Answers:Currently, all services are provided by the TestETs founder, Marjorie Wall Hofer. You can read her bio at
How can a FRIO-B assessment help me understand myself and others better?
Career Answers:When you receive your career summary results, you will learn that there are many different ways to interact with others, to make decisions and how you approach situations. Learning more about relational needs will give you increased understanding about your friends and co-workers which can help improve your interpersonal relationships. Some reports even provide new strategies for addressing people interactions at your work or in your personal life.
What will I learn from the MBTI® assessment career summary results?
Career Answers:The MTI measures your style or orientation for dealing with the world of information. It provides you with a 4 letter code that denotes your personality type. By knowing your personality type, you will understand your strengths and how to maximize your assets in the world of work, relationships, leadership, career choice and on team. You can also learn how to handle conflict, negotiate deals, communicate with others, minimize stress, select college degrees and programs and learn most effectively. No single report provides all of this information so if you would need to select the best quality MBTI® combination available, request a customized combination, or purchase one of the ADD-ONs Introduction to Type® Booklets. In addition, you will gain an understanding and appreciation for the personality types of others so that you can be more effective in relating with co-workers, family members, subordinates and superiors. Bottom-line: MBTI® assessment career summary results assist you in choosing the right education, the most suitable careers, the most satisfying work, the most effective way to lead and communicate with others. Read more on the MBTI® Brand page.
What will I learn from the Strong SII assessment career summary results?
Career Answers:The Strong Interest Inventory assessment measures your interests not your abilities. It is based on John Holland’s theory, developed over 60 years ago, which asserts that what people enjoy doing is a reflection of their interests. Your career summary results will show you your dominant occupational themes, a ranking of 25 work task interests, and 10 occupational matches. It also provides scores on 6 personal scales including leadership, risk-taking, work environment, learning preference, and team orientation. If you are seeking career related information and career recommendations, this is the career assessment test we recommend for you. Read more on the SII Brand page.
What will I learn from the THAB assessment career summary results?
Career Answers:The THAB measures your abilities only using 19 career assessment test modules and combining their career summary results to produce extensive information about your capabilities, strengths, and assets. By knowing what your abilities are, you can better choose to work in ways that put your best foot forward. You can choose work or team projects that utilize your strengths so that you “shine” at your job. You can select work environments that are aligned with your personal profile so that you experience satisfaction on the job. You can choose careers that best suit you. You can use your abilities to learn new skills most efficiently. Read more on the THAB Brand page.



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