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Session Consulting - Incremental

Session Consulting - Incremental

RPT: Incremental Immediate Coaching for your Career Crises or Career Goal (IN 15 MINUTE INCREMENTS)

Not ready to commit to coaching . . .But want a consultation session with one of the leading career profilers and development consultants in North America today to solve a work issue or address a career dilemma? This is where you sign up.

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    Session Consulting

    Have an issue, challenge or problem you'd like to solve? A consultation session with one of the leading career profilers and development consultants in North America today will help you efficiently address your work issue or career challenge? Below is a sample list of issues, challenges, and dilemmas you might wish to resolve:


         Need to know how to handle a difficult boss or colleague quickly? 

         Need to know how to turn around a work “disaster” without delay?

         Need to know how to understand your frustrations around your work or an aspect of life?

         Want to know what your Myers Briggs or DISC really means?  And, how to apply it to your situation?  (or any test that you’ve taken for that matter)

         Need to understand why you are depressed and down about work or life (no clinical issues handled)?

         Want to know what your handwriting says about you?  Need to know what someone else’s handwriting says about them?

         Want to know your purpose for being on this earth?  Discover your mission within a few sessions from your core (not your head) which is KEY.  Very powerful.

         Need to know how to be more boss like?  How to handle difficult situation with authority from who you are not how you should. (also key to success).

         Want to understand yourself or someone else quickly - send in a handwriting sample for accurate character trait analysis conducted during the session.

    This service is only available with our top consultant, Marjorie Wall Hofer, M.Ed., PCC, PCM,. She apples her comprehensive array of thinking abilities, intuition and her knowledge in handwriting analysis, Myers Briggs Type, Enneagram character typology, THAB Ability and Talent assessments, work motivations,  core value and mission orientations and much more to provide a profile of you in conjunction with your boss, your colleagues, your team and even your children in order to help you solve your dilemma.

    More Information will enable you to contact Marjorie directly.


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