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Free career assessment tests online that assess one or more of the following aspects: Career Personality (personality test free), Career Interests (free career interest inventory), Values (values test free), Aptitude (best free career aptitude test), and/ or Skills (, free skills test), Intelligences (free intelligence test), Stress (free stress assessment) plus OTHERS: free job satisfaction survey, character, knowledge, etc.

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Free Career Assessment Test DISCLAIMERS

Free Career Assessment Test -CALIBER

None of the Free career assessment tests online is at the caliber of even the least expensive assessment available through this site. Only one Free career assessment tests online has the accuracy to match one of the moderate quality tests, but does NOT provide that the report at that level for free.

Free Career Assessment Test - FIRST STEP

In several of the cases, the Free career assessment tests online provides a very basic report as a first step. If you want to receive more detailed report
you are required to pay for it anyway.

Free Career Assessment Test - PLOYS

Some of the Free career assessment tests online are simply ploys to get you to enroll in a for-profit college. These Free career assessment tests online are often very long and assume that if you have spent 30 - 60 minutes completing the test, that you will continue until you give up some personal information so that a school recruiter can contact you. Typically these Free career assessment tests online are free through a community college or public university for its students and so are their
career guidance services.


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