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Myers Briggs® Workshops and Trainings are offered for Individual Employee Development, Team Development and Leadership Development.

All MBTI® Workshops and Training are offered in MODULAR format.  Purchase those workshop modules that you would like to be incorporated into your training.  All training is offered by Experienced Trainers who are Experts in Myers Briggs® Type.

  • MYERS BRIGGS® FUNDAMENTAL: MUST SELECT one these introductory MBTI® FUNDAMENTALS workshop to be incorporated into your training program.  It is essential to obtain VERIFIED results from each participants (critical for team reports), and is held at least a week prior to the main training event. This workshop module includes the following topics: (1) Explanation of Myers Briggs®  Scales, (2) Explanation of Myers Briggs® Type Distinctions (E-I), (S-N), (T-F), (J-P), (3) Exercises to Fully Understand Myers Briggs® Scales.   Choose from (1) MYERS BRIGGS® BASICS or (2) MYERS BRIGGS® VERIFICATION Workshops.


  • INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT:  Choose from the following Myers Briggs® personal and professional training workshops: (1) DOMINANT TYPE- My Strengths and Challenges; (2) CAREER - How I work Best; (3) DEVELOPMENT DYNAMICS - How to Maximize My Growth and Development;

  • EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT:  Choose from the following Myers Briggs® employee development training workshops: (1) CONTRIBUTOR - how to use my strengths and challenges best at work; (2) STRESS MANAGEMENT - Reducing "In the Grip" and Maximizing "In the Zone" situations

  • TEAM DEVELOPMENT:  Choose from the following Myers Briggs® team development training workshops: (1) TEAM TYPE LENS - Enhance personal and interpersonal effectiveness and performance of team; (2) FUNCTION LENS - Improve communication and cross-functional team effectiveness; (3) QUADRANT LENS - Manage change and enhance team culture; (4) Temperament Lens - understand leadership needs and leadership styles; (5) DYNAMIC LENS - Improve team problem-solving and/or conflict management strategies.

  • LEADER DEVELOPMENT: Choose from the following Myers Briggs® leadership development training workshops: (1) DYNAMIC LENS - Understand leadership needs and leadership styles;


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