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Ability Test and Aptitude Test measures your capabilities, strengths, assets and talents as well as challenges and weaknesses primarily resulting from innate genetic factors.

Take an Ability Test for different purposes:

  • NEW CAREER Aptitude Test category includes 6 Highlands Ability Tests using the ADULT version all providing career roles and career lists, career drivers, work strengths, ideal work environment, but so much more when combined with other career tests such as Strong Interest Inventory®

  • COLLEGE CAREER Aptitude Test category includes 5 Highlands Ability Tests with  STUDENT version to identify career aptitudes, learning styles,  intelligences, and academic implications of abilities, and with added career tests and resources, customized career role report, career personality, or career interests.

  • LEADERSHIP Ability Test includes three different Highlands Ability Test options including entrepreneurial test and, combined with FIRO® and Myers Briggs® Test, leadership style, traits and abilities assessment.

  • BASIC vs BASIC SKILLS Ability Test categories use different career tests - Basic uses CAPS (ability preferences) test which can be taken in combinations with other COPS systems3 tests - Basic Skill uses skill confidence test along with the Strong Interest Inventory®

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- Take Ability Test or Aptitude Test for career purposes like College or Leadership Ability Test - Highlands Ability Battery is best career aptitude test.


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