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Career Interest Test focus on identifying a prominent career interest or combinations of career interests and are sometimes referred to as Interest Test, Career Match Test or Career Finder Test. These career interest test choices can be taken by themselves or in combinations with an ability test or personality test for a more specific career match.

  • STRONG INTEREST TEST is the single most researched career interest test.  It's official name is the Strong Interest Inventory®.  Here you will find 6 different Strong Interest Test options ranging from 10 pages to 23 pages. Look at samples to find best one for yourself.  Best of career matches and explanations. 

  • BASIC CAREER INTEREST TEST is an inexpensive option offering the Self Directed Search or the COPS interest test.  Choose the COPS interest test if you want a career list of occupations with links to career info.  Choose SDS if you want a mailed paper version to take and receive list of careers for all interest test types.  Including hobby test.

  • PERSONALITY INTEREST TEST is a combination of Strong Interest Inventory® with Myers Briggs® Personality Test which offer 7 different interest test options for students or adults, with skills assessment, or for college major interest test information.

  • SKILLS INTEREST TEST is a combination test offered by Strong Interest Inventory® and Skills Confidence test.  Useful if you'd like to see if your career interest matches your perceived skill level.

  • ABILITY AND INTEREST TEST is a combination of Strong Interest Inventory® with Highlands Ability Test.  This is by far the best combination of career test for discovering a new career.  It identifies your career interest with your career abilities, and most importantly your career abilities which DEMAND expression.  Your career match test results from Strong Interest Inventory® can be compared with the best career roles identified for your abilities.


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- A Career Interest Test provides career matches or lists - Strong Interest Inventory® test is great career finder test or career match test and college major interest test with MBTI®


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