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Career Values Test types include Work Values, Career Values, and Interpersonal Values tests. Values determine your choices in any personal decision making process.  If you are struggling with a personal or career decision, you will find these tests might help to clarify your options.

Career Values Test plus Interest Test offers a values test as part of a career test within a package of tests. COPS3 is a set of 3 tests which includes ability test, interest test and complete work values test.  A Strong's Career Interest test included with a career test package features a Career Motivator section within its report.

Work Values Test section offers two options: COPS3 is a set of 3 tests which includes ability test, interest test and complete work values test.As well as a Life and Work Values test which defines the core values in each.  

Work Engagement Test uses intrinsic values and is useful for helping you or your employee's understand the elements of the job that provide satisfaction and drives them to commitment to their jobs.

Career Anchors is the fundamental Career Values Test because it identifies the main work values driving your career actions and choices.

Career Motivators are found in some Strong Interest Tests which are featured in this section.  Career Motivators are values that stimulate you to achieve success in your career.

Interpersonal Needs can be viewed as critical values and, therefore, Interpersonal Values Test options are included here.

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- Work Values Test like Career Anchors measures career values and is considered to be an excellent career values assessment.


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