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Career Test Brands include Myers Briggs® Test, Strong Interest Inventory®, FIRO-B® , Highlands Ability Test, DISC, COPS Tests, and many  more.

  • Take Myers Briggs® Test, the most popular and widely use personality test, or its more advanced Myers Briggs® Step 2 Test for personal growth, career development, personality style and traits, performance improvement and leadership style.

  • Take Strong Interest Inventory®, the most researched career test, to discover careers, desired work activities, work personality, college majors and with Myers Briggs® Test for career personality assessment

  • Take Highlands Ability Test, with the most extensive test report, to uncover career roles, develop career performance, identify leadership abilities, and most critically, personal career drivers. Add Myers Briggs® Test for fuller picture.

  • Take FIRO-B® Test for all interpersonal challenges such as communications, colleague relations, boss relations, and with Myers Briggs® Test for thorough leadership style assessment.

  • Take COPS Tests for inexpensive combination of career interests, career abilities and career values.

  • Check out Other Career Tests as well.


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