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The HIGHLANDS ABILITY BATTERY (THAB Ability Test) is revolutionizing the assessment and testing world by identifying your talents, aptitudes, abilities, drivers and more to help you determine the key factors for work and career success.

This Ability Test ( Highlands Ability Battery), unlike most assessments which use subjective "guesses",  assesses your aptitudes and abilities using 19 objective work modules.  You must perform a task, not guess your preferences.

In some cases, having a low performance score for one ability test module simply means you have a high score for its opposite ability.  In other cases, having a score beyond the "press point" on a ability test module indicates that the ability is demanding expressing within you.  That means, it is unconsciously driving you to perform all facets associated with the ability in work or personal settings.  The ability can be so strong that you perform it even when its not necessary to do so. 

Discovering these abilities (talents, aptitudes, capabilities) are absolutely key for knowing the career roles, tasks, environments and work styles that bring you success, drive your commitment, and determine your performance capabilities.

ALL testing options within this section INCLUDE the Highlands Ability Battery (THAB Ability Test) even though other terminology is used to describe it.

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