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Career Test Scope offers a way to locate a career test by it level of comprehensiveness, quality and cost.  Scope is depicted by the SCOPE Bar Chart image found to the right of each test (beneath "Add to Cart").  Career Test Scope ranges from inexpensive and quick with list or chart information to comprehensive multi-test packages with "BEST ribbon" designations for career test.  In addition to the SCOPE Bar Chart, career test pricing is indicative of the scope level.  


Choose a career test that have SIMPLE or SUITABLE scope when you (1) want lists or charts only, (2) seek a quick impression, (3) have previously completed the test, or (4) will combine it with a CompreConsult career consultation.


Choose a career test with a THOROUGH, COMPREHENSIVE OR BEST  sope ratings when you (1) desire a definitive clear answer or solution,  (2) seek additional pieces of information and interpretation of results, (3) want Career Consult services and Career Resources included, and (4) want to take advantage of discount prices.

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- Find best career assessment tests by scope of career results report with the star career guide includes best career tests,right career test, perfect career test, ultimate career test, comprehensive career test, dream career test, and more


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